Renovated Gobindgarh fort becomes hotspot for tourists

Gobindgarh fort situated at the centre of the city of Amritsar in Punjab is attracting hundreds of tourists after its restoration work was completed last month. Spread across 44 acres, the Gobindgarh Fort stands witness to 256 years of India's glorious past.Initially known as 'Bhangian Da Qila', the fort was renamed to Gobindgarh by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after Guru Gobind Singh in the earlier 19th Century.The fort, which is made of bricks and lime, features two gates, four bastions and rampart along with the main entrance called Nalwa Gate. It is said the famous 'Zamzama' cannon and Kohinoor diamond were also kept in this fort.As part of restoration, several other attractions were also added to the fort to boost tourism and enlighten people about the rich history of Punjab and its culture.Sher-e-Punjab, which depicts the glorious history through the means of technology, is one of the major attractions of the fort. A 7D show based on the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is also a top draw.Another show 'Whispering Walls' uses the state-of-art projection mapping technologies and laser lights. A show of this quality has never been seen before in India and is really breathtaking. Another attraction of the fort is The Bungalow, an ancient Warfare museum where several replicas of instruments and attires of warfare have been kept.With the gates of the Gobindgarh Fort now open for the general public, it's considered as a great sign, not only to boost tourism in Punjab but also to let the common man explore the rich history and culture of the state.