How to remove food stains from white clothes?

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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How to remove food stains from white clothes?
How to remove food stains from white clothes?

04 Nov 2020: How to remove food stains from white clothes?

Isn't it absolutely annoying when you accidentally spill some food on your white or light-colored clothes, and the resulting stains just refuse to go?

Since these nasty spots won't clean themselves up, you have to take special steps to get rid of them.

Here is a list of easy and effective DIY ways that can help you remove stubborn food stains.

Vinegar: Using vinegar is the most common way to remove stains

Vinegar, a common household item, is used to treat all kinds of stains.

It is especially effective in treating food marks on clothes. All you have to do is sponge the stain with vinegar (preferably white vinegar), and wash.

If the stain is still there, soak the garment overnight in a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water before wash.

Salt: Salt is an underrated yet effective stain remover

Surprisingly, salt is an effective ingredient for removing stubborn stains from white clothes. It is underrated, but the process works.

Start by soaking the garment in cold salt water for 3-4 hours.

Then, take it out and rub some liquid laundry detergent directly on the stain.

Proceed to wash the entire garment in a normal wash cycle.

For removing specific stains, keep reading.

Oil stains: Use flour, talcum powder or cornstarch for oil/butter stains

If the stains are because of butter, oil or any similar content, don't rush to rinse the spot with water. It might spread.

First sprinkle some flour, talcum powder, cornstarch or artificial sweetener on both sides of the stain.

After 30 minutes, brush off the powder. The stains must have faded by now.

Next, rub this residue with any mild detergent and hot water.

Ketchup stains: Hydrogen peroxide after detergent removes ketchup stains

Ketchup is the preferred condiments for fast food, which is why spilling it happens frequently.

Next time this happens to you, first remove the ketchup content from your garment. Scrape the remains with a knife.

Then, soak the stain in cold water, and coat it with liquid detergent.

Afterwards, apply hydrogen peroxide to the area with a sponge. This will remove the stain completely.

Curry stains: Get rid of curry stains with lemon or toothpaste

There are two ways to remove yellow curry stains from your light-colored clothes:

First, squeeze out some lemon juice and dab it on the stain. Leave this overnight, and wash it in the morning, in a normal wash cycle.

Alternatively, apply some toothpaste over the affected area. Let it stay for a couple of hours before washing it normally.