Remove 'black magician' Sonia Gandhi to save nation from ruin: Modi

10 April 2014

Jamshedpur, Apr.10 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Thursday described Congress president as a 'black magician' who needed to be removed at the earliest to save the country from further ruin.

Blaming Gandhi for pushing the nation to the precipice both politically and economically in the last decade, Modi said: "The central government has been run by a black magician for the last ten years. Remove this black magician for the sake of the country and to change the fate of the country."

Modi was responding to Gandhi's description of him as a 'magician'.

"Now, it is impossible for the Congress Party to survive. It will better for the country if they are removed," he said.

He asked whether there is any country in the world which exports wheat to other countries, but imports chapattis.

"The Government in Delhi is such that they export iron ore but imports steel. How will the steel industry work? Today, because of their wrong policies, we are exporting raw material to other countries and importing finished products," he added.

"For the past ten years, there is a government led by Sonia Gandhi in Delhi. There is a mood in the country to remove the present government," he said.

He said both Sonia Gandhi and her son and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi have never addressed the issue of inflation in their rallies.

"If we had better leaders, then they would have taken this country to another level. Not only Jamshedpur, the nearby villages could have been developed as satellite towns. Jamshedpur could have become the capital of this whole region," he said.

He also said that if the Centre had introduced and followed right policies, then Jamshedpur's automobile industry could have become the focus of the international market. (ANI)