Remdesivir Shortage Hits Bangalore Hospitals As Stocks Less Than 6% of Needed

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In Bengaluru, 59 private hospitals have less than 6% of the total vials of Remdesivir required for patients across these hospitals, an internal report has found. The information is for 59 hospitals in the city where Covid patients are admitted.

In all, 2008 Covid positive patients have been admitted across these 59 hospitals. Of this, 1,500 patients require doses of Remdesivir. Vials available, as of April 13, is 929 while additional 15,000 vials are required for the treatment of the present number of patients.

"Each patient requires different dosage. One vial is one dose and on an average, every patient requires six doses. First two doses (vials) given on the first day and one dose each for the next four days. Some critical patients may require up to ten doses," said Dr Prasanna HM, President, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association.

Each vial contains 100 mg of the anti-viral drug that’s proven useful in the treatment of Covid-19.

The report was compiled by PHANA after taking stock of the situation across the 59 hospitals in order to bring the crisis to the government’s notice.

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar had held a meeting with PHANA on April 12 where the scarcity of the drug was discussed.

“Drugs companies have stopped production of Remdesivir. We need this drug. Private hospitals have complained that the medicine is not available in the market. We will discuss the issue with drug controllers and supply the medicine to private hospitals at government rates," the minister had said.

The manufacturing had stopped when cases during the first wave came down significantly.

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