‘For religious purpose’: Cow dung cakes hit the shelves at New Jersey store for Rs 215

A picture of cow dung cakes being sold in New Jersey is going viral on social media.

Time and again, several "desi" products have made it to the western market and the recent one that has found its way to a grocery store in New Jersey is cow dung cake. While earlier this year it was the Amazon selling ‘natural’ coconut shells for nearly Rs 1400, this grocery store in New Jersey is selling cow dung cakes for as much as $2.99 or Rs 215.

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"My cousin sent me this. Available at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey. $2.99 only. My question: Are these imported from desi cows or are they from Yankee cows?" tweeted a user Samar Halarnkar along with a picture of packed cow dung cakes. On the packaging, the label notes that the product is for "religious purposes" and is not "eatable".

Once shared online, the post instantly triggered hilarious reactions online, leaving netizens baffled about the source of the cow dung. "Isko dekh ke maine DUNG rah gaya," read one of the many comments on the viral post.