Religious kitchens in India feeding the hungry amid the pandemic

New Delhi, Siliguri (West Bengal),May 17(ANI): Due to the lockdown imposed on a number of places and entire families being quarantined, individuals and organisations all over the country are offering their services to provide free meals to those in need. Among the major help givers and supporters, the name of India’s mega kitchens which are usually run at religious sites cannot go unmentioned for providing two square meals to thousands of individuals on a daily basis. In many cities of India members of the ISCKON or International Society for Krishna Consciousness are distributing free food to the needy amid the pandemic. ISCKON is an organisation that has been doing social work in different countries. In the capital New Delhi, members of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee have stepped up to deliver food to Covid-19 patients who are quarantined at their homes. Men and women of the committee are preparing meals with adherence to all social distancing norms and are delivering meals to families in all four corners of Delhi.Apart from that, religious kitchens of temples and a number of trusts are also working day and night to provide two square meals to the needy and help the authorities in the fight against the deadly virus.

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