Reliance Jio Faces Tough Competition By WiFi Dabba, In Bengaluru

Kunwar Kunal

Jio is credited for bringing cheaper internet services. Especially, when subscribers had to bear heavy expenses for buying plans of Airtel and Vodafone, Jio brought up unlimited data plans during its starting phase. Jio initially offered unlimited data per day, gradually reduced to 1GB daily data. With more plans coming into the picture, users can go for maximum data consumption for each day, by buying different plans.

Now, the Jio has rolled back its worth alluring affordable services. The booming telecom industry offers the same data benefits with higher price figures. And, this act of the company did have upset many subscribers. This is the time when a few newly formed telecom start-ups come into the picture. To be specific, Jio seems to be on the back foot due to the fierce competition by WiFi Dabba, in Bengaluru. This startup has come up with a plan to offer 1GB data at just Rs. 1 to the users.

It is mainly because of the Fiber issue that Jio plans are now surging. After having closely analyzed the issue, WiFi Dabba, a Bengaluru based-firm came up with a solution called "Supernodes". According to an official, WiFi Dabba comes with its hardware, software, and networking which henceforth cuts down vendor cost-margins. As the cost-saving becomes extremely higher, WiFi Dabba is committed to offering very cheaper data services.

The startup is yet to cement its origin in India. And, the first center will be Bengaluru, followed by other cities across the country, as per the demand. The company has already started testing its services in Bengaluru. You can connect to the WiFi Dabba signal and login with your mobile number and received OTP, to use the service.

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