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The world, ever since it came into existence, is evolving, and with that, the mindsets of the people are constantly changing. The vision, aspirations, life goals, and even dreams have taken a different route with the world’s evolution, and there is no stopping to it. While there are various factors that power this evolution, technology, by far, is the most significant of them all. it is responsible for the rise of ‘modern’ consumers who expect nothing but luxurious comfort and convenience from the world.

From the rise of eCommerce to extensive automation in the industrial sector and from the conceptualization of driverless cars to the trending AR gaming consoles, are all attempts to address modern consumers’ needs. It is due to the influx of technology-powered solutions that people today enjoy a high degree of ease and convenience. These tech-savvy individuals expect everything to be just a click away, thanks to the extensive modernization of smartphones. People can shop online, run businesses virtually, and even stay up-to-date about all that is happening around the world.

There are online news portals that provide an insight into the current happenings around the world. With just a click, people can get an update of every event taking place throughout the world. Yahoo, CNN, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, NBC News Digital, and a many of others. While talking about online news portals, there is one that is gaining the attention of the Telugu community – Telugustop.com.

It is an online news portal that covers Telugu happenings throughout the world. It is a subsidiary of TeluguStop.com Media Inc that came into the picture in 2012. Since then, the news and media company has established itself as an ‘unbiased’ and ‘genuine’ news source for the Telugu community. The community members, regardless of where they are situated, can get an insight into the events taking place within their community in another part of the world.

Telugustop.com has been operating for more than eight years, but it acquired a prominent standing among the community members in a short span. It was founded with an aim to be the first to report any breaking news related to the global Telugu community. The news platform’s mission is to provide news that is “as Fast as the Light, as Genuine as You.

Not only does this media company covers the latest news and happenings in the community, but it also serves as a rich source of information for the readers. Readers can access news and articles related to the entertainment sector, politics, technology, lifestyle, and health tips. It serves as a comprehensive news portal that, at many places, has also been labeled as the ‘Telugu encyclopedia.’

Millions of Telugus visit this encyclopedia of ethical journalism to acquire knowledge of everything that is happening in the global community. The fact that this media group has over 2.5 million followers on social media platforms such as Facebook is an indication of the trust factor that it has developed among the community members with time. It has been able to dominate the industry with its practice of ‘publishing daily news as it happens.

It comprises of a wide network of reporters that have been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing only authentic news to the people looking for ways to stay updated on the current Telugu affairs. It has been fulfilling its promise to bring the fastest local breaking news and unbiased political happenings. The team that is responsible for the media platform’s success is led by Raghu Vadla, who is the Chief Content Editor. He oversees the performance of sub-editors, web administrators, proofreaders, and senior content writers. In addition to this, Telugustop.com has a dedicated team of news reporters and analysts that work to ensure that only the factual news is provided to the followers and readers of this news portal.

Ranked as one of the top Telugu websites that offer authentic news by Alex Rankings, Telugustop.com is also working on launching a location-based website. With this website, the news platform will cover local and regional news in a much timely manner, which will not only streamline the operations across the entire news network of Telugustop.com but also make it easy for people to access location-based news. It is platforms like Telugustop.com that are making the right use of the internet by helping the ‘modern’ consumers stay informed about the happenings within the Telugu community!

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