How Reham Khan Used Narendra Modi's Example to Boost Imran Khan's Prime Ministerial Ambitions

The book also mentions how Reham would mention Narendra Modi’s rise to the position of the Prime Minister, every time her own husband was feeling low and under stress.

New Delhi: Reham Khan has made several claims in her tell-all biography against her former husband, PTI leader Imran Khan. In the book titled 'Reham Khan' she claims that she was barred from going to India for a media conclave. Reham was invited to speak at the conclave in Delhi and her visit was already being talked about.

“A couple of days later, Awn (Imran’s secretary) called me and conveyed Imran’s message that I should not fly out to India. I had been invited to attend a conference for female journalists organised by India Today in September. Apparently, Imran Choudhary from Dubai had told Imran that my visit was being advertised in Delhi and getting a lot of attention,” she writes. Awn is said to have told Reham that she should not attend the event as an act of goodwill towards her husband. Reham was irked that her husband couldn’t talk to her about it directly.

“I was pissed off but decided not to make a fuss, and cancelled it. I sent a curt message to IK(Imran Khan) saying, “India trip cancelled as per your instruction,”” she writes.

This was not all. Reham also claims that Imran was not very keen on talking about India. At a gathering which included United States’ Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olsen, Reham claims that she was barred from talking about India. Olsen apparently wanted to talk politics with her, especially with respect to India. “If I were to play devil’s advocate, perhaps I could say that my husband was just trying to protect me from exposing my real views to this very important ally. Maybe he wanted to keep me in his life but my dreams for Pakistan clashed with the agenda he was told to stay on. However, Richard Olson seemed very keen to pick my brains on political issues, particularly India,” she writes in the book.

Reham hints upon a conversation that she had with her ex-husband regarding Tyrian White, his alleged daughter with Sita White. Imran allegedly told her that Tyrian was not the only one and that he had five other illegitimate children “that he knew of”. Other than Reham, the book claims that only Jemima Goldsmith, Imran’s first wife was aware of the illegitimate children.

The book also claims that Imran told his then wife that a few of the women he had children are married Indian women who were thrilled to have the child since they couldn’t otherwise in their marriage. Imran is also alleged to have said that the eldest child of his was 34 years old.

The book also mentions how Reham would mention Narendra Modi’s rise to the position of the Prime Minister, every time her own husband was feeling low and under stress.

“When I would plead with him to attend to an issue by visiting the location, he would literally wail, “Do you have any idea how long I have been doing this for? I am so fed up of this crap. It’s been 20 f****** years! I can’t do this anymore!” It was clear that Imran felt it was high time he was ‘given the prize’. I would reason with him by saying, “But Imran, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in a cell with no end in sight. Narendra Modi was a Chief Minister for 10 years before he became PM. He was voted despite his radical views because of a good governance track record. Prove yourself in KP then look to the centre,” she writes.

Interestingly, Reham also talks about the probability of an Indian film on Imran’s life. She had invited a couple of Indian producers who were interested. “I wanted to meet one filmmaker since he’d built a reputation for portraying parent-child relationships very well in his stories. I received them and gave them an idea of the aspects of Imran’s life we would like to see on screen,” Reham writes. Imran was not part of the meeting but Reham writes that he did approve of the idea, with the clause that he wanted the film to end at his first marriage. The book doesn’t reveal what happened to the film neither does it reveal the Indian producers.