Reham Khan's Book Casts Shadow On Imran Khan's Affinity To Zionism, Israel
She writes that she found it strange for Imran to be publicly against the Americans and Zionism, but at the same time having close ties with those furthering Israel's cause.

New Delhi: There might be a few startling claims that Reham Khan may have made in her tell-all book but a few stand out. One of them concern her doubts over former husband Imran Khan’s affinity to Zionism and the pro-Israel agenda.

She weighs it with respect to Imran’s relationship with the Goldsmiths and Rothschilds, including Kate Rothschild, a relationship she says was hard for her to understand.

Imran was married to Jemima Goldsmith for nine years, which is how he got in contact with the two leading families known for their banking acumen and wealth.

“Imran said that he was the emotional coach for not only his own ex-wife's man problems, but also for Kate Rothschild’s. According to Imran, Kate was devastated when the rapper she fell in love with converted to Islam and refused to continue an affair with her. The rapper was affiliated to the Nation of Islam, which is described as an anti-Semitic organization by its critics. Since the Rothschilds were not only known for their banking supremacy but also for being active Zionists, I piped in that perhaps it was the surname that caused conflict in Kate's relationship, and pointed out that one of their ancestors, Walter Rothschild, was responsible for drafting the declaration for a Jewish homeland in Pales-tine in 1917, which came to be known as the Balfour declaration,” the books states.

She further writes that she found it strange for her then husband to be publicly against the Americans and Zionism but at the same time having close ties with those furthering Israel’s cause.

“In a violent argument once where Imran slapped Jemima, it was Zac (his brother-in-law) who urged Imran not to divorce his sister. Imran had impressed upon me that it was not his ex-wife but her family he was good friends with. He was especially indebted to ‘Jimmy’ as he had not only left more than enough money for his eight offspring to live off in luxury, but had also designed Imran's future,” Reham writes.

Later, she was to find out about a meeting between late foreign minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, Henry Kissinger and James Goldsmith (Jemima’s father). “The Pakistani foreign minister was then categorically told by Kissinger to "Look after our boy". When Sahabzada asked who their boy was, the answer he received was “Imran Khan”,” Reham writes.

She also claims that it was former Director General of the ISI, General Ehsan ul Haq, in Sadruddin Hashwani’s home, who confirmed Imran's connections to the Americans.

It became clear to her, she further wrote, that Imran was putting up with Jemima (whom he hated) for political reasons.

“Everything made complete sense when I realised that James Goldsmith had always been politically active, and had even founded his own party in the 90s called the Referendum party. It was a single issue Eurosceptic party which laid the foundations for Brexit. Before him, his father, Frank Goldsmith, a hotelier of German Jewish descent, had been a conservative MP. Besides his portfolio of 48 hotels, he was known for being one of the founders of the King David Hotel in East Jerusalem, over 46% of which was funded by notable Jews. Following the decisive six-day war, East Jerusalem was successfully annexed and the hotel was extended,” she writes.