How a red signal saved lives in Hyderabad

One woman died when a car fell on top of her from the Biodiversity flyover at Raidurgam circle in Hyderabad on Saturday and three others, including the driver and two passers-by sustained injures in the accident. However, the accident could have been much worse if not for the red signal.

The normally busy Hitec X road's auto stand located at the Biodiversity junction was covered with branches from the tree that fell after the car plunged over the flyover. When the incident took place there were only four autos and very less people at the auto stand. The signal was red at the time or else more people would have lost their lives.

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“All of us ran for safety, but the car landed on the tree, uprooting it and injuring us. I managed to run, but one of the wheels from the vehicle hit my back and I fell to the ground,” injured driver M Balaraju said after being discharged from hospital.

His brother M Narayana witnessed the car falling on the ground. “Many vehicles had stopped at the junction because of red signal. If it had happened a few seconds before or after, more lives could have been lost. May be the red signal had saved all our lives,” he said.

Bonthu Rammohan, Mayor, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, announced an ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh to the deceased, and further announced medical assistance to the injured.

The biodiversity flyover has been closed for three days.

(With inputs from ANI)