Red beacon ban report card: North-eastern states give thumps up to lal batti order

The BJP and Congress in Assam have welcomed the ban.

Centre's order to ban red beacon (lal batti) atop cars of government officials, including ministers and bureaucrats has been welcomed by north-eastern states, barring a few ministers.

The convoy of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, the former Chief Minister of Assam was seen with red beacons atop their cars, recently.

When Mahanta was questioned about the order, he chose to ignore it and rather asked if this order will have any impact on the people.

It remains a question whether it is going to create an impact on the people. I doubt it. Otherwise, I welcome it.Moreover, he claimed of never using red beacon ever when he was the chief minister.


The BJP and Congress in Assam have welcomed the ban.

Cheering the move, BJP leader and MLA, Pijush Hazarika said, I don't support this red beacon kind of thing Dr Himanta Biswa Sarmah removed red beacon ten years back

Congress MLA Debabrate Saikia too praised the order and added that the need of the hour is road safety and plans to reduce traffic congestion.

He said ,I welcome the decision But I would also like the government to ensure we have better road communication, wider roads and less traffic congestion... It was due to traffic congestion, that it was required to have a special privilege for important persons.


Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Kundu has ordered to remove the red beacons as soon as possible from every vehicle.

But, Deputy Commissioner of Itanagar, Pawan Dhawan's car was spotted with a red beacon, which was soon removed when the driver noticed mediapersons around.

But, Tamio Taga, Minister of Power, Industries, Textile and Handicraft disapproves the amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act.

This could be a bit problematic as the VIP or the minister's time is for the state. If they won't get adequate time and get stuck in the traffic jams, it could be a great problem, said Tamio Taga.

Taga blamed the police for not being able to control the misuse of red beacon.

He added, The police has been incapable in controlling the misuse of red beacon. It is mostly misused in Arunachal Pradesh.


Meanwhile, the ban has no affect in the north-eastern state of Tripura, as Chief Minister Manik Sarkar had already banned the VVIP culture of using red beacon when he assumed office.

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