Recording Artist Cym is Bringing The Vibes in a Major Way, and We Like It

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Every once and again a new artist breaks into the mainstream with a undeniably fresh approach and talent that can’t be questioned. One look at Cym’s latest visual release, “Vibe” and you know without question she’s in fact one of those artist.

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The Florida based vocalist, though hailing from quality roots (daughter of baseball hall of famer Barry Larkin) also puts in the work within her own right. Recently inking a creative partnership under label imprint “Supr Music” launched by entrepreneur William Moxey, Cym has taken the reigns over her career into her own hands, masterminding her image, sound and overall brand to meet her own expectations.

The latest single, “Vibe” was accompanied with a sprawling virtual reality based visual that features the artist in a love tug of war with a romantic interest. The singer’s musical poise is evident as she struts thru each scene with a confidence and grace usually witnessed only from the most seasoned of music icons. Her message is clear, Cym is here to stay.

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The slinky groove of “Vibe” is also present throughout much of “Love, Cym”, the singers 6 track EP release that also features a dynamic guitar laced anthem entitled “Karma” with Marc E. Bassy. The music is confident, the attention to detail is unquestionably spot on and Cym’s need to please her audience is refreshingly reminiscent of some of the most legendary Diva’s that she walks behind.