Reason why WWE drafted Brock Lesnar to Friday Night SmackDown


Bengaluru, Oct 17: As reported earlier, Monday Night Raw may no longer be running as the A-show of the WWE following SmackDown's move on FOX from October 4 onwards. This is one of the big reason why the biggest box office attraction of the WWE has not only shifted to the Friday night show but also featured in the competition for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Brock Lesnar is the concerned name who has climbed to the top of the food chain by capturing the WWE Championship on SmackDown from Kofi Kingston on the big premiere night. Ever since Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE back in 2012, he was utilised on the flagship show of the company on Monday nights.

But during WWE Draft, he was chosen to perform only on behalf of the blue brand that leaves Raw without their resident marquee performer. There's an additional reason why WWE has taken such a huge step regarding the Conqueror.

Dave Meltzer discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio on the possible reason why Brock Lesnar officially left Raw for the first time in more than seven years. FOX officials had a lot to do with this shift. They are intending to use him as a 'placeholder' until Ronda Rousey gets ready to return. She was almost confirmed to make a comeback during FOX premiere of SmackDown, being a household name on this platform. But since there's no confirmation, FOX will continue using the new WWE Champion in a possibly interesting way, as hinted by Meltzer.

"I think that it was an executive decision at FOX that they had to get Brock Lesnar because they're not getting Ronda Rousey, at least for a while." (courtesy

Speaking of Rousey, the good news is that she is inching closer to coming back to the WWE, shortly. Triple H spoke on his behalf in a recent media call to give an update on the former Raw Women's Champion confirming that she is one her way back to TV. She reinjured an already broken hand from WrestleMania 35 main event during a movie shoot, which may be holding her back from making the much-anticipated return. Once cleared, it'll be a matter of moments that WWE quickly inserts her to the programming,

"Don't have a specific timeline but she's with us. This is family for her, she's coming back. She has said it, she calls us all the time. I think the biggest tear for her right now is trying to do what she wants in her personal life and just missing this. It's hard to explain, this is like a family and there is a brotherhood and a sisterhood here that's deep with people."

"I think she misses that greatly. She talks to everybody all the time, she's constantly with us, and she's constantly pitching her return. So, if I had to guess, it would be sooner than later, but who knows?"

The primary belief is that Ronda Rousey will also be an inclusion to the SmackDown roster upon showing up unless WWE wants to let her have the due singles contest against Raw women's champion, Becky Lynch.

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