Reason why The Fiend was not crowned WWE Champion at Hell in a Cell


Bengaluru, October 9: The 2019 edition of Hell in a Cell might go down as the worst-ever in the history of this gimmick-based event.

WWE was focused on delivering a successful premiere week for Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT show instead of adding any build up for the WWE Network special on October 6.

Only four matches were announced for the show in advance, one of them being the Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt.
The booking was fresh and had the audience vested to the contest, naturally. The gimmick around Wyatt has been very hot since Summerslam which is why the fans wanted to see this man come out of the show as the new WWE Champion.

Spoilers from multiple sources had also confirmed that the new resident monster of the WWE will dethrone Rollins as the Universal Champion. But the outcome of the match was different as the reigning champion successfully defended the belt via a confusing finish.

On the post-Hell in a Cell edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the bygone match and disclosed the potential reason behind WWE not pulling the trigger on Seth Rollins' title run.

As per his sources, Vince McMahon wanted four specific names (Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar) to be the champions on Raw and SmackDown during this crucial period as WWE is set to go through a transition process.

A lot is going around behind the scenes and these names are the most trusted shoulders when it comes to representing the brand.
Here's more from what Meltzer has said in his report,
"I think that Vince wanted to go in there, with, you know this is like a new season and I think that there was like this idea that he wanted Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch as the four champions going into this draft and going into this new season. Those were his picks and Bray Wyatt wasn't."

What was worse than the outcome of the match is the execution that appeared to be a complete flop-show. The Fiend took a ton of punishment as Seth Rollins hit him with 11 curb stomps, a pedigree, kicks, chair shots, a ladder shot, a toolbox attack, and one final sledgehammer blow. This led to the referee disqualifying the match which was a farce. (Hell in a Cell match takes place under No-Disqualification rules).

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