Reality Of ‘No Helmet No Fuel’: Riders Pick ‘Jugaad’ Over Safety

Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya

The district administration of Noida and Greater Noida has passed a ruling to promote road safety especially among two-wheeler riders. The rule came into force on 1 June and is being called the ‘no helmet no fuel’ rule. Under this rule (as the name suggests), no two-wheeler owner will get fuel at petrol pumps, unless he/she is wearing a helmet.

India, however, is a country of jugaad (hacks) and riders have already managed to come up with one to bypass the rule on the first day itself. The Quint decided to visit a few petrol pumps in Noida and Greater Noida and find out how well the rule of ‘no helmet, no fuel’ is being implemented.

Our first stop was sector 95 petrol pump in Noida, where we were denied fuel by the staff for not wearing a helmet.

Next up was an outlet in sector 82 where, to our dismay, the rule was being violated out in the open. People were getting the fuel despite not wearing a helmet. The pump did have boards with ‘no helmet, no fuel’ rule stated clearly on them but everyone including the staff seemed to have turned a blind eye to it.

But it was not possible at other fuel stations in sector 41, 44 among others.
But, there was jugaad at play here in these stations.

Riders, instead of carrying helmets, were asking fellow riders for help or to be precise, helmet. Now, what exactly transpired, well for that you have to watch the video.

Disclaimer: We were wearing helmets all through the course of the video. Also we request you to wear helmet, not just for fuel but for own safety too.

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