Real Superheroes: Window Cleaners Don Batman, Iron Man Suits to Surprise Children in Hospital

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On Thursday, November 14, children receiving care at Lehigh Valley Reilly Children's Hospital in United States were thrilled to see superheroes outside their window.

Turns out a few professional window cleaners decided to play Santa by dressing themselves in superheroes costumes to delight little children in their hospital wards. Dressed as Captain America, Batman, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Superman among others, the window-cleaning crew scaled the outside of the hospital to surprise the children, much to their delight.

Excited children stood close against the window panes with broad smiles on their faces as they got to see the superheroes up close and live in action. Photos from the event were shared on Facebook and went instantly viral.

The superheroes later went inside the hospital and visited different rooms where they interacted with children and even gave them gifts.

According to a report by The Morning Call, the window cleaning experts who donned the superheroes fatigues were experts from Performance Service Inc. in Harrisburg.

As the video went viral, people from across the world lauded the window cleaning team for their thoughtfulness.

One of the comments read, "God bless. You are angels, so wonderful of you to do this for the children."

Another comment mentioned, "Awesome what a wonderful way to brighten up some beautiful patients."

A staff of the hospital also took to the comment section and wrote, "This makes me proud to work for LVHN. It’s all about the patient."