Real Life Stuart Little? Homeless Man's Reunion With Estranged Pet Rat is Winning Hearts

Every 90s kid will remember the iconic film, Stuart Little, which depicted the life of a tiny white rat, Stuart, who lived with his family in New York. Now, the mere idea of having a rat as a pet may seem quite unconventional and even slightly crazy to many of you, but hey, love comes in various shapes and sizes, right?

For this homeless man, his pet rat Lucy meant the world. Earlier this month, he placed Lucy on a milk crate while he went to a washroom nearby. The rat, loyal to her master, waited patiently. However, a woman passing by thought it was a stray rat and took Lucy home to take care of her.

Meanwhile, the man continued a desperate search for his lost friend. After a troubled quest, the man was finally reunited with his beloved Lucy, thanks to the New South Wales police department. A video of the heartwarming moment when the man was reunited with the rat was shared by the official page of the police force on social media.

The video shows the man greeting Lucy who also seems visibly excited to see him. When the cops asked the man if that was indeed his rat, he gave her a kiss and said, "Yup, that's her."

The video, since it was uploaded, has had over 9 lakh views and thousands of shares. People seemed really glad that the two friends had been reunited. A lot of people felt that the moment was too pure, and deserved special mention. Others had been praying for a miracle, and were relieved that the cops were able to track down the rat.

However, the cops stated that a portion of the credit went to netizens as well. They shared a few pictures with the caption, "Some extra photos of ‘Lucy’ the rat being reunited with her owner today, cong-rats to the work of Sydney City Police Area Command. 🐀 Rats all folks! Have a wonderful Easter long weekend."

The sheer happiness and relief on the man's face on seeing Lucy must have been worth the trouble, and the copes sure agree.