Real intolerance: Singapore police to investigate Indian citizen who protested CAA

The Singapore police are investigating a 32-year-old Indian national for holding a protest without a permit in Marina Bay against India's contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

According to Reuters, Singapore police said following a report on December 24 they were investigating a 32-year-old male Indian national for participating in “a public assembly without a police permit” at the Marina Bay waterfront financial and tourist district. In Singapore, organising or participating in a public assembly without a police permit is illegal and constitutes an offence under the Public Order Act.

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"The man allegedly carried out the activity in Marina Bay, to show his opposition to India's Citizenship Amendment Bill," the police said in a statement on Wednesday. The man photographed himself holding up placards and protesting near luxurious hotel-casino and convention centre, Marina Bay Sands, TODAY newspaper reported.

He posted the photo on his social media account, but later it was taken down, the report said. "The police will not grant any permit for assemblies that advocate political causes of other countries. Foreigners visiting or living in Singapore should abide by our laws," the police said.