Real Or Fake: Did Sundar Pichai Really Cast His Vote In Tamil Nadu Yesterday?
The 'news' of Google CEO Sundar Pichai coming to India to cast his vote in Tamil Nadu spread like wildfire on day of Phase 2 of polling.

Yesterday, the country saw Phase 2 of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections and the frenzy was evident in the constituencies around the country as well as on social media. As with most major events in the country, the elections this year have been reeking of fake news and rumours which only seek to sway the general opinion.

As Phase 2 came to an end, several stories cropped up on our feeds - for instance, there was the story of the newly married couple who went to cast their vote, dressed in their wedding clothes, after tying the knot the night before.

But there was one particular story that quickly caught on and spread like wild fire - that of Google CEO Sundar Pichai coming to India to cast his vote in Tamil Nadu. Here's the catch - Pichai holds a dual citizenship, meaning he is a citizen of both India and the Unites States. The Indian government does not allow NRIs holding dual citizenship to vote in any Indian election.

However, it would do well to remember that a large number of people on the internet function with half knowledge, and are only too eager to join the bandwagon when it comes to spreading fake news. With the elections afloat, there are several such rumours which make it practically impossible for one to differentiate between what's real and what's fake.

But the picture that is being circulated is actually two years old. The image dates back to 2017, when Pichai, a resident of Tamil Nadu had paid a visit to his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal. He had been welcomed warmly by thousands of students, and had even shared a few images from his trip.

In other words, the picture is fake, and we urge you to check your facts before you believe anything that comes up in your news feed this election season.