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The Japanese corporate and business sectors are always in need of qualified and trained staff. That is why a lot of resources are employed to get the right people through the door. However, these efforts often go to waste because candidates fall short of fulfilling employer expectations. But where most traditional recruitment agencies fail to find the right talent for your unique needs, ReachExt K.K. steps into the rescue.

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“Using our services, you will find out that we don't work like most traditional recruitment agencies in Japan. Rather, we focus on making value additions to companies. We aid them in their vision of cultural and linguistic diversification,” says Co-founder Himanshu Jain.

By realizing the huge scope of improving the hiring service in the country, Himanshu Jain along with his colleague, Naoko Takahashi, decided it was time for a change . So, they started their own unique recruitment company ReachExt K.K. One of their uniqueness was turning the traditional agency approach to consulting approach by domain and technical experienced people. In only a short time, the company showed its merit by becoming one of Japan’s leading recruitment companies.

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What Kind Recruitment Agency Is ReachExt K.K.? ReachExt K.K. is a recruitment consultancy with a difference. It is not just about finding the right candidate to fill a role. Instead, the company puts in its best efforts to add value to both the job aspirants and employers for their hiring needs in Japan & the APAC region.

“ReachExt is one of the best bilingual recruitment companies in Tokyo, Japan. Our main purpose is to connect multilingual and multicultural talent with organizations in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

And we also plan to expand our service to consulting companies on cultural aspects of recruitment,” says Himanshu, the Managing Director. While Japan continues to operate in its same old traditional manner, the world is changing. To stay in the game and be competitive, the working culture in the country needs a boost of diversity in people, ideas, and thoughts.

“Currently there is a huge gap in the demand and supply of bilingual and multicultural hiring in our country. We understand the kind of challenges companies have to face while hiring people that are perfect for the role. And it becomes even more difficult due to time constraints," explains Himanshu.

So, this is where ReachExt K.K. helps companies by taking steps in the right direction. They take on a more consultation-based approach. The target is to match the job seekers with appropriate roles & job responsibilities. Instead of making it only a box-ticking exercise, ReachExt K.K. ensures your candidates have the required skills, aptitude, and thought process.

ReachExt K.K. Vs Traditional Recruitment After working for 18 years in Japan, Himanshu recognized that there is a problem in the current recruitment systems. He revealed that 44.2% of women in the workforce were either doing part-time jobs or were temporary workers. Add to that Japan’s ranking at 19 out of 188 countries in the Gender Inequality Index. The statistics don’t show a promising picture of the prevalent recruitment practices in Japan.

“We understand that there is a problem and so we have to do our bit to address these issues. To address this matter of gender diversity and equality in Japan, we are creating an all-women company. And we hope to continue this trend to the best of our abilities.”

What differentiates ReachExt K.K. from other traditional recruitment agencies is that they understand the industries they serve. Addressing this difference, Himanshu comments, “At ReachExt K.K., we acknowledge that bilingual skills are crucial for many companies. Especially for those multinationals that are operating in Japan or are planning to enter the market. There is a shortage of recruitment companies that specialize in hiring bilingual candidates that are also rightfully skilled. This is why we chose to concentrate on this area.”

Despite their unique outlook on the problem of hiring, both the co-founders of the company had zero experience in hiring services before starting their firm. The recruitment industry is a tough market dominated by companies with companies generating multi-billion US dollars revenue and having decades of experience in the field. But ReachExt K.K. turned their only weakness into strength. “We comprehend that hiring people is not only science but also an art.

What works in one geographical setting will fail in another. Most recruitment companies don’t realize that in hiring the right person for a particular job role you have to look at the long-term vision. We work by removing biases.” Performing hiring interviews is as much a test for the candidate as it is for the interviewer. In conducting interviews, it is always worthwhile to take your time in having discussions and detailed orientations with the job seekers.

“Because there is a high chance that you will make a wrong rejection at the start of the interview process. And this wrong rejection will cost you more than making a wrong selection," explains the Co-founder. What Does ReachExt K.K. Plan For The Future? The company hopes to keep improving its hiring operations by evolving and diversifying in the field. Their focus at the moment is to address the main pain areas of their clientele in Japan.

ReachExt aims to lend its hand to companies entering the Japanese market and local companies wishing to expand globally. The company also wants to expand its recruitment consultancy into other countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and, Australia.

Besides this ReachExt K.K. is also planning to soon launch its web portal to provide resources. These efforts are aimed at job seekers in Japan and also those aspiring to start their careers in Japan. Want to learn more about recruitment services offered by the company?

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