RDIF & Panacea Biotec launch the production of Sputnik V; Pfizer & Moderna refuse the direct supply

India is facing yet another challenge in terms of fighting COVID pandemic. The second phase has brought forward the challenge of COVID vaccination drive that has to be conducted in the country in order to bring some stability on ground. RDIF and Panacea Biotec have launched the production of Sputnik V in India. India's Panacea Biotec is said to produce 100 million doses of Sputnik V per year (From Agencies). Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, stared that the government has spoken to Pfizer, Moderna for vaccines, and both companies have refused to sell vaccines directly to us. Arvind Kejriwal further added that they have said that they will deal with Government of India alone. Appeal to Centre to import vaccines and distribute to States. Watch the video to know more!

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