RCB vs CSK is much more than just a match

Rodney Dsouza

RCB vs CSK is much more than just a match

25 Apr 2018: RCB vs CSK is much more than just a match

CSK will come knocking on the doors of RCB as they gear up to face each other in the South Indian derby.

But this match is more than just cricket, keeping in mind the boiling tensions in Tamil Nadu over the Cauvery water issue.

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been in dispute for ages now and sentiments will be soaring high during this game.

Fight for water: Cauvery water dispute issue looms over fixture

A tussle that began during the British Raj has spilt onto the cricket pitch today.

Tamil Nadu is protesting over the BJP government's failure to form the Cauvery Management Board.

The protests hit the peak as soon as the IPL began and it was declared that CSK's home matches would be moved out of Chennai as the sentiments of the general public were rife.

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No home comfort: Protests in Tamil Nadu forced CSK out of their home

Chennai Super Kings had made a comeback after serving a 2-year suspension and eventually saw their home games shifted to Pune.

During their match against Kolkata Knight Riders, shoes were hurled at Jadeja and Faf du Plessis by Cauvery activists.

To the disappointment of several CSK fans, this was enough of a sign for CSK's matches to be forcefully shifted out of Chennai.

Hours away: Chinnaswamy is the closest to home for CSK fans

Chennai is just a few hours away from Bangalore and the match against RCB at the Chinnaswamy is the closest place to home for Chennai Super Kings.

The tickets have already been sold out.

This indicates that several CSK fans, who have been denied the opportunity to watch their home team play, will be in Bangalore tonight.

Lot at stake: Who will have the bragging rights tonight?

Protests are only growing as the days pass.

However, the government can't pay heed to the protests since the demand is water for commercial farming. On the other hand Bengaluru, a global city, does not have drinking water.

The SC had increased Karnataka's share keeping this in mind.

While Karnataka won in the court who will win on the pitch tonight?