Ravish Kumar blames 'dictator' Modi for people not watching his show

The NDTV anchor and senior journalist Ravish Kumar, has blamed prime minister Narendra Modi for the falling Television Rating Points (TRP) of his show.

Kumar, who recently won prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for his reportage, narrated an incident recently claiming that one of his followers told him that his (the viewer's) elder brother switches off the TV whenever his show come on."What is this if not dictatorship? People can't even watch my show in their homes. They're isolated by their own family," Ravish is heard as saying.

The celebrated prime-time anchor cited another incident in which a boy was abused by his own family after he congratulated Ravish for winning the Ramon Magsaysay award. Ravish further insinuated that that the Modi-led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is converting every member of the society into a political supporter and any dissent even within a family is being muzzled.

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Interestingly, however, Ravish has himself several times in the past urged people to stop watching TV to "save democracy" and has often claimed that TV is corrupting the social fabric of the country.