Ravi Shastri Sleeping During India-South Africa Match is the Internet's New Favourite Meme


Recently, the Indian cricket team took on South Africa in the third match in the test series, which also saw India winning the first two matches. But there seemed to be something else which had desi Twitter hooked to the match, and to be honest, we can't stop chuckling either.

Indian coach Ravi Shastri became the butt of jokes (yes, again!) when cameras caught him sleeping during the match. In a photo that has now gone viral, Shastri can be seen blissfully catching up on his nap as Shubham Gill, who was sitting behind the coach, looks on. The match was practically a guaranteed victory, coach Shastri probably thought he could take it easy and sleep for a bit. Little did he know.

Soon, the viral photo spawned off a series of hilarious memes, which we can't get enough of. Take a look:

This is not the first time Shastri has fallen victim to social media trolling. A few days, a photo of a man (who looked a lot like Shastri) travelling in a Mumbai local train went viral and of course, memes were bound to follow.

Poor Shastri; no matter what he does, the joke always seems to be on him.