Ravi Shankar Prasad on Who is on is on the right side of the law? | Frankly Speaking

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, get the latest insights on how police busted the twitter office and what our guest, IT and Law Minister, Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, has to say about it. In this toolkit, Twitter and tamasha controversy, Twitter claimed that its employees were subjected to intimidation. Various fingers have been pointed towards the police for tweaking the wrong side of the law. In his take on choosing clash over consensus, Mr Shankar Prasad’s answers on the charge against the government state that the police have responded & the matter are under investigation. He furthers says that about the laws of India, everyone is expected and required to help the police in the probe of an alleged crime. He backs the police by explaining their twitter office visit as a visit to serve notice for cooperation and not intimidation.

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