Raveena Tandon slaps Maatr co-actor thrice leaving him shocked and angry

Suparno Sarkar

Raveena Tandon, who will next be seen in the movie Maatr, slapped her co-actor Madhur Mittal thrice on the sets of the film. Madhur was highly miffed after being slapped by the veteran actress.

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However, Raveena slapped her co-actor on instruction from her director as they were shooting for a scene in Maatr. It has been reported that director Ashter Sayed wanted the scene to be fully natural, and so he told Raveena to slap Madhur in real. Eventually, it turned out to be the perfect shot.

"Raveena was hesitant to slap Madhur initially, she had her doubts, but her director managed to convince her. They spoke about the scene at length and then shot for it. Sometimes when you fake it, it is evident on screen and we wanted to avoid that. So when Raveena agreed to do it and shot for it, we could capture his actual reaction," Catch News quoted a source as saying.

The fact that Raveena's co-actor was not informed about the scene, made him give a real reaction as he was quite angry after being slapped. "Madhur was angry and shocked, and that is what we wanted to show in the scene. They had to shoot the scene thrice because of camera angles so he was actually slapped three times but he did not complain about it. Finally, the scene turned out to be pretty good," the source added.

Maatr is a women-centric movie, based on the rising cases of rapes and other atrocities on women in the country. The film is slated to be released on April 21. Check the teaser here:

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