“I would rather die than live a normal average life”- says ambitious entrepreneur Anthony De Laere

Brand Voice
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Highly motivated Anthony believes that we a have a little time but various opportunities on earth.

Grown up in a common village at Belgium, but motivated by powerful leaders and success stories, Antony always wanted to have an extraordinary life for himself and wants to duplicate money for others too. After winning his first fitness model competition, he learned that discipline and consistency makes everything possible to achieve. He never stopped at fitness only but wanted to succeed in other fields like finance and business too.

Motivated by his dreams, he started his job as a real estate agent, but left it and became a fulltime entrepreneur within a short span of just 18 months. Now, he is teaching over 3,00,000 people on topics like leadership, entrepreneurial skills, investments and skill development. He has joined hands with mentors and coaches like Bob Proctor, Alex Morton and Jason Brown, and developed an education platform for anyone and everyone who wants to start or restart a career or looking for additional sources of income. He also developed his communication skills during his internship with a branding company doing doorstep marketing.

He has observed that universities and institutes can teach you how to make your money work for you, but what they don’t teach is, how to make others grow along with you. Hence, Anthony focusses on passing his knowledge and let others also create wealth for themselves. He has travelled to 22 countries in 3 years travelling and impacting peoples’ lives by sharing his knowledge and developing skills making them creating wealth for themselves.

We are into the best era creating more income avenues for ourselves and for our future generations. Inspired by the movie Gladiator, he believes what you do today will echo in eternity. He never wanted a life struggling for paying bills and installments, having children and then dying one day. His journey can be viewed on his Instagram page also @talesoftonystark. He uses this platform sharing his valuable views on financial freedom and living a better life.

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