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Shiney Ahuja

He was quite the promising new comer Bollywood had seen in a while and things were picking up pretty fast for the lad, until his maid brought in allegations of rape against him. What followed was a long trail of arrest, jail time, court hearings, humiliation and though he has been acquitted now, his career has suffered some serious damage in the mayhem.

From rash driving to alleged rapes, here are 10 of the most high profile Bollywood arrests

They say kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hai, and they can reach the who’s who from any field, no matter how big your bank balance is, for as per our constitution nothing and absolutely nothing is above the law.

But who would warn Bollywood celebs? For creating a drunken drama, rash driving, alleged rape accusations to abetment into suicide, here are 10 most talked about high-profile Bollywood arrests.

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