Rare Wolverine Spotted on a Beach in Washington, Leaves Officials Stunned

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A woman spotted a wolverine on Long Beach Peninsula in the state of Washington. Members of the weasel family, wolverines are known to be elusive and when she reported about the sighting to wildlife officials they refused to believe her.

This is probably because it is nearly impossible to spot these furry creatures near a beach as they prefer remote mountainous areas. Wolverines resemble bears and are known to have bushy tails.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) said these creatures are seen very rarely as there are probably less than 20 of the mammals in the entire state.

WDFW says wolverines are stocky with short, rounded ears, small eyes, a bushy tail, and large feet that are useful for travelling through snow.

The woman then proceeded to show the authorities a photograph she had taken on May 23. In the pic, a furry creature can be seen eating a carcass of an animal which was washed ashore, CNN reported.

In his statement to CNN, Jeff Lewis, a mesocarnivore conservation biologist with the WDFW, said that it was not a usual spot to find a wolverine. “This is way outside the beaten path for the wolverines. It’s not near the habitats they are usually at,” he added.

However, the sighting of the animal so close to human settlements raises concerns. “I worry about this one because it is in an area way more densely populated then where it is used to. My concern about it most is it can get hit in the road or someone might shoot it,” Lewis was quoted as saying.