Ranveer Singh can’t stop laughing after seeing Deepika Padukone in a ‘cone’ – view pic

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Ranveer Singh can’t stop laughing after seeing Deepika Padukone in a ‘cone’ – view pic

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are such a cool couple.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone‘s exchanges on social media platforms really makes us happy. The couple has become pretty lax in making public appearances. So whatever little we see of them makes us really happy. Luckily, since a few days, there has been more talks about them and their supposed engagement. We already told you that the two of them are not interested in taking their relationship to next level just yet. They are just enjoying each other’s company and jokes. Yes, we did say jokes because Deepika Padukone’s meme made Ranveer Singh laugh out loud, literally. (Also read: Padmaavat: Twitterati is in LOVE with the Supreme Court for lifting the ban on Deepika and Ranveer’s film)

As you all are aware, Deepika is not really active on Instagram despite having most number of followers among all Indian celebrities. Even when she does post something, it’s a bit cryptic if you ask us. Who wishes the sky on a day when you are celebrating your birthday? Well, Deepika does. But today is an exception. She posted a meme and made Ranveer Singh crack up. Although he just wrote Hahahah, we could imagine him rolling on the floor laughing. The meme itself is damn funny. Check it out right here…


Since a few days, people are busy predicting details of Ranveer and Deepika’s nuptials just because she spent her birthday with Ranveer and her parents. She even went to meet Ranveer’s sick grandmother. That made people speculate that a wedding must be on the cards. While there was no confirmation of the same, the actress definitely has a wedding outfit in mind. Deepika was a guest on Vogue BFFs along with her sister, Anisha Padukone. We have already shared pictures with you from the sets where the sisters were looking really happy in each other’s company. In one of the segments, Deepika chose Sabyasachi over Manish Malhotra to be the designer for her wedding outfit.