Ranveer & Durex Pull a Fast One With ‘Jeans’ Campaign

Ranveer Singh has something up his jeans. 

Durex has pulled a fast one on everyone with its online campaign titled ‘Jeans’. The advertising campaign was helmed by Ranveer Singh, who played along cheekily, leading all and sundry to believe that Durex was indeed launching a line of jeans.

But as Durex revealed on 24 March, here’s what the online brouhaha was all about:

That’s right, there is no new denim line after all.

But the strategy worked. The Ranveer Singh-starrer teaser went viral and sparked a number of Twitter reactions.

Ranveer’s Teaser

Durex managed to bait social media users with their first teaser on 22 March, featuring their brand ambassador Ranveer Singh in a trial room.

Well done, Durex. After all, when you rope in one of Bollywood’s quirkiest actors, you’re bound to grab eyeballs.

(This story has been updated.)