Rangoli program held in Tamil Nadu to create awareness among voters

Aimed at creating awareness among voters, rangoli awareness program was held at Ramanathapuram District Collectorate premises in Tamil Nadu on March 17.Conceptualized by Dinesh Ponraj Oliver, District Collector, youth and women participated in the 'rangoli' making event. The event was held on Wednesday and rangoli was made keeping in mind Corona pandemic and the upcoming Tamil Nadu assembly elections, scheduled to be held on April 6 to achieve 100% voter turnout. The main objective of making the 'rangoli' is to create awareness among people about participating in democratic process by casting 100% of votes, not to break any record. Rangolis having quotes like "your vote is your right, express", "keep social distancing", " wear mask", "use sanitizer", "safety", "healthy food", "water", "social distance" were made on the floor as a part of the awareness program campaign.