Before Rangoli Chandel's Accusations, Had Kangana Ranaut Exposed Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi Back in 2016? (Watch Video)

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Kangana Ranaut is relentless in her pursuit of what she feels is horribly wrong as far as the way in which Bollywood functions. From taking on mighty people from the industry such as Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan to exposing grave issues such as nepotism, pay disparity and "presstitute" Kangy is absolutely fearless. Her sister Rangoli Chandel too spares no one when it comes to calling a spade a spade.

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So when Rangoli exposed  recently how Bollywod's much celebrated couple writer/lyricist Javed Akhtar and his actor wife Shabana Azmi had threatened Kangana for speaking up against Hrithik Roshan, many believed that Rangoli just needed a new soft target to stay in the news. But going by how Kangana had described her horrific account of dealing with the mighty Roshans on the popular chat show Aap Ki Adaalat, one could deduce that Kangana had exposed Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi back in 2016. Thankfully, for the Akhtar and Azmi, one would argue, that Kangana had not mentioned their names straightway. Here's how Ranaut explained how Bollywood's influential couple tried to warn and even tried to threaten her. Kangana Ranaut's Sister Rangoli Chandel Calls Deepika Padukone's JNU Visit a PR Activity - Read Tweets

 "Many people from the industry tried to threaten me. I don't wish to name these two. He is a writer and his wife is an actor. These two invited me to their place and threatened me. " How could you go against such powerful people (the Roshans)? Ye itne badein log hain, itne powerful aur paise waale hain. Inki foreign ministry tak pohnch hai, tumko jail mein dalwa denge.  Tumhare paas koi nahi raheha, tumahri shakl dikhane laayak nahi rahegi, aur tumahe paas koi raasta nahi rahega siwaay marne ke (These are big and powerful people who have access to the foreign ministry. They will see to it that you go to jail. Nobody will support you and you will have no other way but to commit suicide once the person you are having an affair, thinking that he was Hrithik Roshan, is exposed!)" confessed Kangy on the show.

Now it remains to be seen if Hrithik Roshan and papa Rakesh Roshan had requested for the industry people such as Javed and Shabana to intervene to take such steps to threaten Kangy. “Javed Akhtar ji called Kangana home and intimidated her threatened her to say sorry to Hrithik, Mahesh Bhatt threw chappal on her cos she refused to play a suicide bomber, they call PM Facist, chacha ji aap dono kya ho?” Rangoli tweeted in response to a Twitter user who called out Javed after his and Bhatt’s interview on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Earlier, Kangana had a run-in with Akhtar and wife Shabana Azmi after the couple cancelled their visit to Pakistan after the Pulwama attack last year. In solidarity with the martyred soldiers, the two cancelled their visit to Karachi; The two had been invited by the Karachi Art Council for a two-day literature conference to celebrate the writings of littérateur Kaifi Azmi, Shabana’s father. Rangoli Chandel Trolls Alia Bhatt for Best Actress Win, Calls Out Ananya Panday's Best Debutante Win at Filmfare 2020 Awards - Read Tweets

In her interaction  with media, Kangana had also said, “People like Shabana Azmi calling for halt on cultural exchange - they are the ones who promote Bharat Tere Tukde Honge gangs... why did they organise an event in Karachi in the first place when Pakistani artistes have been banned after Uri attacks? And now they are trying to save face?” In response, Shabana Azmi had said, “You really think at a time like this a personal attack on me can be of any significance when the entire country stands as one in our grief and in condemning this dastardly Pulwama attack? May God bless her.”