Ranchi Auto Driver is Ferrying Patients to the Hospital For Free Amid Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has rendered supplies exhausted across the country and infections and death figures have risen everywhere. But amidst all this, an auto driver in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi has been helping out those who are in need to go to the hospital. Ravi Agarwal has been offering free rides to those who need to go to the hospital, whether they are Covid-19 patients or not, especially when there is a shortage of transportation due to COVID-19.

Ravi, who has been offering these free rides since April 15, told news agency ANI how he started providing this service after he helped a woman reach hospital when no other auto drivers were ready to take her there. Ravi gave her a ride to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS).

“No auto driver was ready to take her there out of fear. She was ready to pay whatever money was being demanded. I offered to take her and dropped her near the trauma centre there. I don’t know if she was a Covid patient or not, but I declined to accept the money she offered.”

Ravi said that’s when he realised that there were so many people who were finding it difficult to get a ride across the city because of the disease and this he decided to start his ‘campaign’ to help them with the free rides. He has also put up his contact information on social media so that people can contact him for his help.

Ravi told ANI, “I have started receiving calls. Many people are thinking that I am associated with some hospital, and they are asking about the availability of beds and oxygen. I’m also receiving calls from people who are saying they are infected by the coronavirus and there is nobody to take them to hospital,” he said.

But Ravi says he is not just helping out those suffering due to Covid-19 but anyone who needs help during emergency. In order to manage the costs, Ravi says after helping out one of the Covid-19 or emergency rides, he picks up paying passenger too and helps out the emergency cases whenever someone gives him a call. So far Ravi said he has helped out some 16 people in need.

Several people appreciated Ravi’s efforts while some even wanted to help him out monetarily.

(With inputs from ANI)

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