Delhi: Ahead of PM Modi’s visit, how SC dome became Akshardham at Ramlila

Abhinav Rajput
The Dwarka pandal before (top) and after it was tweaked

For nine days, a Ramlila pandal set up by a Delhi-based society resembled the iconic dome of the Supreme Court, which is hearing the Ayodhya case, and parts of the “proposed temple”.

But then, with one day to go for Ravana’s effigy to be burned to end Dussehra celebrations Tuesday, the court’s dome was tweaked to resemble the Akshardham temple.

Reason: The organisers, led by a BJP leader, received official confirmation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would visit.

“We did not want to get into any controversy after the Prime Minister’s visit was confirmed, so it was removed a day before the event,” BJP ex-MLA and chairman of the Dwarka Sri Ramlila Society, Rajesh Gahlot, told The Indian Express.

The organisers confirmed that the Supreme Court theme was up for nine days before it was changed Monday. The idea, an organiser said, was to send out a message that “people want the court to rule in favour of a temple in Ayodhya”.

The Dwarka pandal also had a replica of India Gate and hoardings featuring various schemes launched by the Prime Minister.

According to the organisers, the stage was 96 ft long and 140 ft wide and the screen, which served as the backdrop for the event, was 14 feet high and 140 feet wide.

Gahlot, who was present on stage along with the PM, said that 107-foot effigies of Ravana and his brothers were “prepared with green crackers” to adhere to environment norms.