Ramesh Pawar, BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner, Accidentally Drinks Hand Sanitiser Instead of Water During Presentation of Budget in Mumbai (Watch Video)

Tarmeem Shaikh
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Mumbai, February 3: Ramesh Pawar, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Joint Municipal Commissioner, mistakenly sipped mouthful of hand sanitiser instead of water on Wednesday. In a video that was shared by ANI, Pawar was seen accidently drinking from a bottle of hand sanitiser, assuming it to be a bottle ofwater. The incident took place during the presentation of Budget in Mumbai. Reports inform that as he had taken a mouthful of hand sanitizer, he fortunately realized the error before gulping it down.

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The incident took place moments before the Joint Municipal Commissioner prepared himself to read and table the civic body's annual education budget 2021-2022. In the video, it is seen that as soon as Pawar drink from the bottle of hand sanitiser, few men from behind rush to stop the BMC Joint Municipal Commissioner from consuming it. The official was then given a bottle of water following which he took a break from the meet. Maharashtra Shocker: 12 Kids Given Hand Sanitiser Drops Instead of Oral Polio Vaccine Dose in Yavatmal District.

Here's the Video:

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Officials sitting around him wondered and enquired what was wrong while a person from behind rushed to his help. Reports inform that soon after Pawar rushed to a nearby washroom to clear his mouth and returned after some time.