Ramdev urges people to stay at home, maintain healthy lifestyle to beat COVID-19

New Delhi [India], Mar 22 (ANI): Yoga Guru Ramdev on Sunday appealed to people to make 'Janta curfew' successful by being responsible and staying at home. He also appealed to people to perform Yoga to live a healthy life.

"We have to make this Janta curfew a success by staying at home and being responsible. Senior citizens and children should stay home for at least one month and should adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing meditation and Yoga to fight the coronavirus," Ramdev told ANI.

On being asked about the lockdown of the country he said that the upcoming two months are very crucial for the nation.

"The upcoming two months are very crucial for the country. We are going through stage three of the disease and if this turns into a community spread our nation would face immense difficulty in controlling it," he said.

He said that India does not have enough hospitals and ventilator beds for treating a huge number of infected people by the pandemic.

"Everyone needs to be very careful, patient and should follow government instructions to tackle the disease successfully," he said.

He also performed some 'asans', aimed to boost the immunity of the body, that may be helpful in fighting the coronavirus.

The nation is observing 'Janta curfew' today after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid emphasis on individual "determination" and "restraint through social distancing" in fighting the global pandemic and called for a 'Janta curfew' today to prepare for challenges of the future.

Following Prime Minister Modi's message, several famous personalities including politicians from various parties, sportsmen and celebrities have also come out in support of the social exercise. (ANI)