Ramdev detained on way to parliament

Indo Asian News Service
13 August 2012

New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was detained by police Monday as he led protestors towards parliament seeking the return of black money stashed abroad and an end to corruption.

Ramdev was detained on the Ranjit Singh flyover in central Delhi.

Addressing the milling crowd before he was detained, Ramdev said it had been a peaceful march from the nearby Ramlila Maidan.

"There was no intention to spread violence and unrest. We respect law and order and democracy. But police are stopping us on the orders of the government," he added, as a policeman held his hand to lead him away.

"The Congress is not with us," he said, standing atop a truck. He had earlier said that he had the support of some opposition political parties.

According to police, the protestors were detained and taken in buses to Rajendra Prasad stadium in northwest Delhi. They will be kept under arrest at the stadium.