Ram Mandir land deal- All your questions answered #iExplain #TimesNowi

Today we will be decoding a mystery. The mystery that you all have been reading about on your social media posts... The mystery where the price of a 1.2-hectares of land increased from 2 cr to Rs 18.5 crores within 11 mins. This was a tri-party agreement, where all three parties came together and signed the deal. The three involved parties were Kusum Pathak (first owner) Sultan Ansari (who bought the land from Kusum at the price of Rs 2cr for which they had agreed on Sept 2019) and the final party Ram Janmbhoomi trust, which finally purchased the land from Ansari for 18.5 cr. With deals being closed, Aam Admi Party, Samajwadi party along Congress have alleged a scam in this deal questioning that how the prices shot from 2 cr to 18.5 crores within 11 minutes. So, let’s address all the concerns over the deal one by one. Watch the full video here. -HOW DID THE PRICE OF LAND GO FROM Rs 2CR TO Rs 18.5CR WITHIN 11 MINUTES? -IS THERE A SCAM BEHIND THE PURCHASE OF 1.2 HECTARE LAND BY RAM JANAMBHOOMI TRUST IN AYODHYA? -WHY DIDN'T THE TEMPLE TRUST BUY THE LAND DIRECTLY FROM THE FIRST OWNERS? -AAP, CONG & SAMAJWADI PARTY ALLEGE INFLATION OF 9 TIMES IN THE ACTUAL COST OF LAND WITHIN MINUTES -WHY WERE TWO SEPARATE DEALS DONE WITHIN 11 MINUTES? -HOW COME WITNESSES WERE THE SAME IN BOTH THE OLD AND NEW DEAL?

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