Ram Gopal Varma ridicules Pawan Kalyan, his 3 wives, Katamarayudu, Jana Sena

Shekhar H Hooli
RGV Praises Vikram's 'I', Ignores Ajith's 'Yennai Arindhaal'?

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has made shocking a personal attack on power star Pawan Kalyan by posting a series of comments about his 3 wives, Katamarayudu  and Jana Sena party on Twitter.

Ram Gopal Varma was a big fan of Pawan Kalyan and has praised him to skies many a times. But the power star had lashed out at the filmmaker in a recent interaction with the media. He had said, "He is more than 50 years old and his daughter is also married. But even at this age, he says that he is collecting porn films. What do I talk about such a person?"

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Though he was stung, Ram Gopal Varma kept mum. With Katamarayudu getting mixed response at the box office, the filmmaker found it the right time to avenge the actor. His anguish was clearly visible as he ridiculed the power star, his wives, the collection of Katamarayudu, the followers of Jana Sena party in a series of comments on his Twitter page.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: "I heard Hollywood's Disney,Fox nd Miramax are desperate to sign him after seeing KR but he only wants to power himself with the Sena of Jana. 3 wives dint see KR cos they know 30 times more what KR is telling 300 times nd not telling 3000 times .dint understand cos am watching orn.

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"Real ultimate power star is @superstarrajini who cares about exhibitors losing and returning money to them becos he failed to deliver. His fans 3 to 5 followers including family members won't take one rupee out of pocket but have opinions on crores of losses of others. His lafoot outward fans distracting him from realising his real strength is inward fans who don't shout and throw paper in theatres. Making film in 30cr selling at 100cr taking in pocket 70cr n enjoying daughters' bday is no less than Nero playing Fidel when Rome burning.

"A 50+ ith arried aughter atching orn is ore owerfully onest than elivering a owerless ilm n elebrating irthdays of two aughters ith two ives. Mega dumb pkf's ar looking into the dumbness of my meaninglessly meaningful tweets proving their own meaningfully meaningless dumbness."

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