Ram Gopal Varma calls Holi celebrations 'sexy moments'; tweets about seeing girls in wet clothes

Suparno Sarkar
Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma is in news yet again for some controversial tweets. The film-maker's topic of discussion this time was Holi, and he shared his rather absurd analysis on Twitter.

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RGV said that people celebrate Holi in India only to consume bhang, without knowing the cultural background of the festival.

"I doubt even 1 in 120 crore Indians knows reason why Holi is celebrated but they all do becos Bhang needs no reason..Mera Bharat Mahaan!" he tweeted. Ram Gopal Varma continued his analysis saying, "foolishness of festivals is celebrating victory over problems we not even aware of and ignoring both our present problems and solutions."

However, the most controversial tweets on Holi from the Sarkar 3 director were later deleted. He called Holi celebration "sexy moments" and even tweeted about seeing girls in wet clothes.

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"Greatest thing about Holi is that this is only legitimate day in entire year men and women can see and touch each other in wet clothes," RGV tweeted. "I really don't know which god killed which raakshas that we celebrating Holi but I thank Rakshas for creating such wonderfully sexy moments," he continued.

"Don't know what which rakshas did nd why God killed him but I thank both for giving me opportunity to see girl next door in wet clothes," he said. The tweets were later deleted.

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Earlier, Ram Gopal Varma was slammed for making a sexist comment on Sunny Leone on International Women's Day. A complaint was also registered against him following which the film-maker apologised for the tweet.

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