Ram Gopal Varma apologises to Chiranjeevi's brother Naga Babu and Varun Tej

Shekhar H Hooli
Ram Gopal Varma

Director Ram Gopal Varma has offered apology to megastar Chiranjeevi's brother Naga Babu and his nephew Varun Tej. Surprisingly, his comment has come on the day of the release of Varun's Mister.

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Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter account this morning to respond to Varun Tej's comments and he admitted his mistake. Meanwhile, the filmmaker apologised to the young actor and his father Nagababu.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted: "@IAmVarunTej i read ur comments on me about ur dad nd u ar right..it was wrong on my part to say hurtful things nd I apologise to u both." He added: "Chiranjeevigaari laanti annayya naakunte nenu matladina maatalaki kottevaadini .naga babu gaaru maataltho vadilesaru ..real sorry to him."

Varun Tej in Mister

RGV had recently sparked a murky war of words with his comments on the poster of Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No 150. The director described the poster featuring Chiru posing with sword as a highly narcissistic. An irked Naga Babu lashed out at him at the pre-release event of Khaidi No 150. He had asked him to make good films, before criticising others.

Naga Babu

Naga Babu's comments did not go well with Ram Gopal Varma, who blasted him on Twitter. Without mincing words, the filmmaker called him an incompetent brother, who was born to balance out the greatness of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and others. He said that he had great respect for Chiranjeevi and cautioned him as a fan to be careful of his damager.

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