Ralph Sutton launches a completely different kind of weight loss guide that is funny, but true

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After years of research, health and wellness podcast host Ralph Sutton has released his groundbreaking book, The 100% Guaranteed Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness, an unapologetic parody of, well, literally every diet book ever made. This simple (no, really, we mean simple) guide contains all of the answers you need to lose weight without following an impossible diet. Laughing burns calories, you know.

The 100% Guaranteed Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness is a humorous gag gift that pokes fun at off-the-wall diets and bizarre exercise routines. Sutton, a reformed fad dieter who hosts the Good Sugar podcast, was inspired to write after noticing that all of the weight loss tips and tricks in the world are based on the same basic equation of exercising more than you eat.

Is there someone in your life who insists that their wacky eating habits are the secret to a smaller waistline? Sutton’s parody is a perfect stocking stuffer for your friends and loved ones who can’t wait to try the newest diet straight from their favorite magazines. For those who love celebrity doctors, The 100% Guaranteed Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness also features the input of experts like Dr. Assintush and Ms. Cohmon Seynse.

For some wholesome laughs and a reminder that going back to basics is never a bad thing, The 100% Guaranteed Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness can’t be beat. Reviewers describe Sutton’s guide as “a must-buy for your annoying friends who are always trying the latest fads in diet and exercise.” If you’re looking for a way to gently remind your loved ones about the science of weight loss while earning a few chuckles in the process, look no farther than Sutton’s hilarious parody.

Ralph Sutton is the host of the Good Sugar podcast and The SDR show, a #1 iTunes comedy podcast. He also owns GaS Digital Network, which boasts a listenership of over 1 million. In 2003, he starred in the highest-rated episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and he wants everyone to know it.

Sutton currently resides in New York, where he continues to expand his podcast network while never taking himself too seriously (and you shouldn’t either). For more information, he can be found online at https://www.iamralphsutton.com/ or on Twitter and Instagram at @iamralphsutton.

The 100% Guaranteed Guide to Weight Loss and Fitness is available for purchase on Amazon.com and other major retailers.

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