Raksha Bandhan 2020: Know the History, Date & Muhurat Behind the Festival of Bonds

Rakshabandhan is a traditionally Hindu festival, in which sisters of tie a band, amulet or talisman called a 'rakhi' around the wrists of their brothers, receiving a gift in return. It celebrates the bond between siblings, or brother and sister, specifically.

What is the Festival's Significance?

'Raksha' means security and 'bandhan' means bond, which clearly signifies the meaning behind the Hindu festival. The date at which the festival is celebrated each year keeps changing, but it is generally celebrated during this time of the year. In 2020, the festival falls on August 3, on Monday.

History Behind the Festival:

According to Hindu mythology, during Mahabharata, Draupadi had dressed up Lord Krishna's with an end of her saree, after he cut it using his discus. He promised to always take care of her, and protect her; which he did when she was humiliated in the Hastinapur royal court.

What is the Correct Muhurat?

The auspicious time for tying the rakhi this year is after 9.28 am. The most auspicious time would be to tie the rakhi between 1.48 pm and 4.29 am.

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