RAKSH - Social Distancing Device

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Gurugram (Haryana) [India], May 5 (ANI/BusinessWire India): In response to COVID-19 pandemic, Gurgaon based startup, Paribandh Solutions, has launched a proximity sensing device to enable social distancing. The device named Raksh, is a standalone pager size unit that can be worn on a wrist, as a pendant or clipped to the belt. The device has a 360-degree proximity sensor that enables the detection of similar devices in its proximity and as soon as two or more devices come within proximity, it warns users to maintain distance. The warning is delivered through a combination of sound alarm, vibration, and an LED. The device is a plug-and-play solution and targeted at workers, professionals, and students. It can be deployed in multiple environments including manufacturing units, shopping malls, schools, educational institutions, cinema halls, airports, construction sites, financial institutions, corporates, govt offices, and public transport. Raksh will be available in different versions to suit requirement and expectations of end-users. The base version is built for masses in its rugged and durable form with a loud alert mechanism for noisy workplaces. Raksh Junior is targeted for kids and students with soothing warning tones, attractive color options, and data log for parent's screening. The premium version (iRaksh) of the device will come with an LCD screen and a body temperature sensor. It will alert the user in case of elevated temperature levels and helps in the early detection of COVID-19 cases. Every device will have a unique device ID and maintains a record of interactions between devices to enable effective contact tracing. The enterprise solution will come with advanced features including cloud-based real-time notifications, data log for contact tracing, handsfree attendance solution, and behavior analysis to enable social distancing norms. "As per WHO, social distancing is the only solution to reduce the spread of the virus until a vaccine is developed. Our Prime Minister also stressed on the need to follow 'do gaz doori' to stay safe and protected. While organizations have issued guidelines to enable social distancing at workplaces, our tech is built to enable implementation of these guidelines," said Harmeet Gulati, Founder and Managing Director of Paribandh Solutions. "We looked at existing solutions and realized that these solutions have limitations and not practical for our environment. For example, the infrared-based solution is unidirectional and unable to differentiate between a human and an object. Other app-based solutions require a smartphone with Bluetooth and location settings which will drain the battery faster and won't work in the manufacturing units, corporates, and educational institutes where smartphones are restricted," he said. "Our device is built to work in all environments and its proximity settings can be customized to local government regulations. We are hopeful that our innovation will help save precious lives, give confidence to workers when they return to work, and help organizations focus on early revival," Harmeet added. The company has already tested the device and initiated production. They plan to ramp up the production as soon as the lockdown ends and have started inviting interest from organizations wanting to deploy the solution. The company has also filed a patent for their invention. To find out more about Raksh, visit www.raksh.in This story is provided by BusinessWire India. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/BusinessWire India)

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