Rajinikanth's Aide talks to Times Now after his fans express discontent over his decision

The superstar Rajinikanth's aide speaks to Times Now. Days after the actor announced that he will no longer be starting his own political party there is still unrest among his fans. Owing to his health conditions Rajinikanth decided that he will no longer be getting onto politics which has led his fans to defy the protocols and organise protests demanding the Actor to reconsider his decision. In an interview with Times Now Arjuna Murthy, he stated his intentions of continuing to stay with Rajinikanth and also supported the uproar from his fans. He also stated he will not joining any other party just because Rajinikanth stepped down from his decision of launching a party. Rajinikanth's fans are still emotional, we are yet to hear from Rajinikanth on the matter. Keep watching to know more!