Rajinikanth puts people's health over politics, says he won't be joining party now

The famous actor Rajni Kanth withdraws from debuting his political party. The actor was supposed to set foot in the world of politics on the coming 31st of December, however, owing to his personal health issues RajniKanth has pulled himself from the narrative. His initial reasoning towards entering politics was to help people but with his health conditions being put on line in a turn of recent events have caused him to rethink his actions. Reportedly, the actor was excited about the idea of launching his own party and had big things planned up for the future of the state, however it was during the shoot of Annatthee, that he realized the dangers that can befall the very people he wished to help through his actions. Rajni Kanth decided to put people's health before any political agenda, the news has gravely disappointed his fans but he believes it's fot the best.