Yes Pranab ‘Scolded’ Rajdeep, But Do You Know He Said ‘Sorry’ too?

Veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai did what most journalists would hesitate to do. In his recent interview with former President Pranab Mukherjee, the journalist is seen being “scolded” by Mukherjee, but Sardesai decided against editing the part out.

However, Mukherjee is also seen apologising for being “rude” at the end of the interview.

When Sardesai interrupted the former President, while he was answering a question, an irked Mukherjee curtly told him:

Let me complete. Don’t have this habit. I am sorry to remind you that you are interfering with the former President. Please have the necessary courtesy. Don’t interrupt.

Pranab da teaches @sardesairajdeep the lessen for life reminds him about protocol amazing!! #OutreachOfStupidJournalim ??

— Dil Se Tajmahal (@Dilsedesh) October 14, 2017

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Mukerjee told Sardesai that he was not “eager” to appear on screen and that he was invited by the TV channel for the interview.

Former President Pranab Mukerjee I am not eager to appear on the screen. You have invited me. Firstly, you cannot raise your voice when I am answering your question.The Former President Apologises At the End

At the end of the interview the former President is seen apologising for being a “little rude” to which Sardesai responded saying that he would take it as a “positive statement”.

@CitiznMukherjee apologize to @sardesairajdeep after being rude to him at beginning of interview, But Bhakt will not post this video. ?

— Abdul ✋? (@GuruJiPolitical) October 14, 2017

Rajdeep Responds to Twitter Backlash

Sardesai took to Twitter, responding to some trolls, saying that it was his “job to ask questions” and that he “believed that all must be aired.”

While both Mukerjee and Sardesai might have put the incident behind them, Twitter refused to.

People took to the social media platform and shared the video, with many stating that Sardesai must learn his “manners”. So much so that #PranabSlapsRajdeep was trending on Twitter on 14 October.

The journalist, however, tried putting a stop to the trolls by saying that the matter was closed and that they should “move to the next interview”.

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