Rajasthan Shocker: 22-Year-Old Boy Thrashed For Stealing Mobile Phone, Iron Rod Allegedly Shoved Inside His Private Parts

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Rajasthan, February 21: Another horrific assault incident comes to the front from the state, where a 22-year-old Muslim man was beaten and brutalised by three men allegedly who allegedly shoved an iron rod into his privates for stealing a mobile phone in Rajasthan’s Barmer district. According to a Hindustan Times report, this incident came to the light after a video of it went viral on social media.

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A complaint was filed by the victim's brother who said that the victim was kidnapped and taken to an isolated spot, where they thrashed him. The accused then inserted an iron bar into his privates. The man infact didn't share this ordeal with his family members, but it came to the light after the video of the incident went viral. Rajasthan Shocker: Two Men Thrashed for Theft in Nagaur, Videos Show Locals Inserting Screwdriver and Petrol Inside Private Parts.

After they approached the police station, a case of kidnapping, torture, manhandling and insertion of the iron bar into the victim’s body were filed. According to police, the victim’s statement is yet to be recorded, as he is currently out of town. The accused admitted to beating him because he stole their mobile phone, however, denied inserting an iron bar into the man’s body. A detailed investigation will start after the victim's statement is recorded.

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On Thursday, the shocking video of two men being brutally thrashed for an alleged theft in Rajasthan’s Nagaur area came up. The video that went viral showed that the victims were assaulted by inserting screwdriver on their private parts. The brutal incident took place in Panchaudi police station area on Nagaur city on Sunday after which a series of six videos went viral on social media.